Maine 207 schools accepting preschool applications

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Maine 207 accepting preschool applications
Posted on 01/23/2018
Any parent searching for an educational and nurturing preschool program should know that a wonderful option can be found at each of Maine Township High School District 207’s three high schools: Maine East and Maine South High schools in Park Ridge and Maine West High School in Des Plaines. Applications for all three locations are now accepting applications and will continue to do so through February 28, or, until all available slots are filled.

Maine East and Maine West preschools are now open to 3-year-olds as well as 4-year-olds. Maine South’s preschool program will accept 3-year-olds if vacancies have not been filled with 4-year-olds by February 28. The Maine East, South and West Preschools - which operate from mid-September through early May - are lab-based early childhood programs. High school students work with the children who attend our program. The high school students prepare daily lessons, all of which focus on the preparatory skills needed for the preschool children to be successful in kindergarten. Students also complete weekly observations to gain a better sense of the preschool children's development and educational needs.

The preschool director at all three locations is a certified Family and Consumer Sciences high school instructor, each with several years of child development and preschool experience. Each director reviews students’ lesson plans regularly to ensure that all plans are developmentally and academically appropriate. Through this unified high school student and director relationship, a quality program is established for preschool children.

Children attend preschool three mornings per week, with some flexibility to accommodate the schedules of the high school students who helps staff the program.  Children must meet the age requirement,  be toilet trained and have a current physical exam. Tuition is $300 per school year and covers supplies and a daily snack. An application for the Maine East and West programs may be found here, and an application for the Maine South program may be found here. Additional information can be obtained by contacting one of the three schools: Maine East:, Maine South, or Maine West
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