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Maine 207 has a nationally recognized college and career counseling program aimed to do one thing: help all students make the best decision about their plans after high school by letting them gain relevant career experience before committing  money and time to pursue a degree and career.

The program is based on the national Project Lead the Way research. Here’s the premise: We believe that no matter what a student wants to do after leaving high school, having a chance to gain real experience in the field will help them make a better decision to increase their chances of “getting it right” in choosing a career path. Currently we are working to give every student an opportunity to have a job shadowing, mentoring, internship or apprenticeship experience before they make a post-secondary decision.

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What is a Career Trek? Simply explained, it is a single-day experience for a group of students to visit a company or organization, receive a tour, learn about its history and the industry. Students also meet with staff and have an opportunity to ask employees questions about their career path and what they do on a daily basis. A portion of the visit will include improving work-readiness skills (tips on interviewing, resumes, elevator pitch, etc.)

A list of upcoming Career Treks may be seen here. A summary of previous Career Treks may be read here. Students who are interested in a Career Trek may complete this form.
  An internship is one of the steps in discovering if a career or industry is right for you and will provide real-world experience. During the interview, you will learn about all options to obtain a career experience in a variety of occupations and industries. The meetings with a Career Pathways Team member is to help you select the best career experience based on your interests and skills as well as the requirements of the internship program and particular internship site. Here is a closer and more detailed look at the Student Internship Process.
Many people hear the term "Career Experiences" and immediately think of internships. While internships represent one vital component of Maine 207's Career Experiences program, it is by no means the only Career Experience option.

Career Experiences also take the form of Career Treks, Job Shadowing, and actual employment, sometimes obtained through job fairs. Additional details may be found in the Guidelines for Career Experiences through District 207.

In addition, this regularly updated, Ongoing List of Opportunities, is emailed to students weekly.

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  Maine 207 deeply appreciates our many Community Partners who make possible the wide range of career experiences we are able to offer students.

Our Community Partners serve in many ways, not only in hosting interns, but also by serving as Job Shadow Day hosts, guest speakers, mock interviewers, career panelists, classroom project-based learning leaders, or job fair booth participants.

Details on the ways in which your company can help may be found here.
  Students may find additional resources in this Special Links Guide to help plan their future. 


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