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Information Literacy

Welcome to Maine Township District 207's Information Literacy Website. This site is designed to provide information about District 207's information literacy program.

The following courses are Post Hole courses for the District 207 Information Literacy Program: English 1, English 2, Biology, Physics/Chemistry, Physical Science, U.S. History, Government, Oral Communications, Health.

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District 207's Information Literacy curriculum was developed over the course of several years. With the cooperation and hard work of many administrators and teachers the district put together an information literacy curriculum that dictates the effective use of technology and provides a framework for the research process. What follows is an overview of how District 207's Information Literacy Program was born.

District 207: Information Literacy 1997- Present

District 207: Information Literacy Goals Illinois Learning Standards Web Links


District 207’s Information Literacy Rubric allows a district wide assessment of the Information Literacy Program. The rubric measures student progress in mastering research skills from grades 9-12. Grade level organizers are used to identify skills that match the process evaluation. The expectation is that 80% of all students will achieve a score of 3 or 4 in each category at each grade level. The rubric is used to score student projects in all anchor information literacy courses. District 207 tracks the scores and the data is annually reported to the Board of Education.

Project Exemplars:

Students that are enrolled in anchor information literacy courses are required to complete an information literacy project that is assessed using the information literacy-scoring rubric. The projects have been developed by teachers to meet the needs of the existing academic content curriculum while satisfying the requirements of the information literacy model. In the future descriptions and exemplars of District 207 Information Literacy projects will be posted. This portion of the site is currently under construction, please check back in the future.

English Applied Arts Science Social Science Fine Arts

Student Toolkit:

District 207 teachers have developed several tools to assist students in successfully completing information literacy projects. These tools are designed to structure student research activities to closely align with information literacy rubric benchmarks. Students are expected to use these tools to assist them in creating information literacy projects that follow the District 207’s style manual requirements.

Effective Notetaking Quotations Parenthetical Citations
Citing Resources- Short Form Citing Resources- Long Form Web Evaluation
Turn it District 207 has a subscription to this site. For information on access to this site please contact your instructor. 

Teacher Toolkit:

The Toolkit provided for District 207 teachers has been adapted from Information Literacy Toolkit (American Library Assoc. 2001). Included in this toolkit are the Grade Level Planning Organizers that are to be used by teachers when creating information literacy projects. The Grade Level Organizers are designed to develop an awareness of the scope and progression of information literacy skills from grades 9-12. Using the Planning Organizers teachers can carefully connect the information literacy skills to their content area and integrate learning activities that will cover information literacy skills at each grade level. The teacher toolkit also includes a variety of teaching tools that are applicable across grades and content curriculum units.

Grade Level Organizers

Grade 9----- Grade 10------ Grade 11------- Grade 12

Unit Planner

Grade 9----- Grade 10------ Grade 11------- Grade 12

Tools for Defining Tools for Locating Tools for Selecting/ Analyzing
Tools for Organizing/ Synthesizing Tools for Creating/ Presenting Tools for Evaluating
Rubric and Assessor Bubbling Directions Sample Student Evaluation

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District 207 Rubric Student Scoring Rubric Assessor Bubbling Directions


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