Committed to Doing Right for Students

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Committed to Doing Right for Students
Posted on 09/12/2017
Check out this edtech digest interview with Maine 207 Superintendent Dr. Ken Wallace: “Committed to Doing Right for Students.”  As Dr. Wallace addresses Maine 207’s innovations and the exciting future of public education, he discusses these, among other points:
  • That the more we give ownership of learning to the learners, the better we learn. 
  • How the power of questions is the key to solving problems. 
  • How, for too long, schools treated students as empty vessels who needed to be filled up by an answer-driven education construct. And how that’s changing.
  • How Maine 207 has no more important objective than supporting each student to find his or her voice, talent and passion and connect it to his or her future.
  • That great teaching and teachers inspire him because they see students for their possibilities and because they are still learners themselves.
  • Why Maine 207 does not treat technology as a stand-alone element of our teaching and learning program.
  • How 207 hosted the world’s first student Google summit last year, where Jaime Casap challenged students to identify problems, big or small, that they want to solve and then to work at solving them. And how this is where technology really matters.
  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy