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Ralph J. Frost Academy

Welcome to the Ralph J. Frost Academy

1177 S. Dee Road, Park Ridge, IL 60068
Phone: 847.292.6521 
Fax: 847.692.8132

All students referred to Ralph J. Frost Academy are eligible under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and must be a resident of District 207 High Schools - Maine East, South, or West.  The goal of Frost Academy is to provide a structured therapeutic educational environment to improve students academic, vocational, and social/emotional learning.  In addition, Frost Academy enhances the mission of District 207 “To Improve Learning” by incorporating the the Illinois State Board of Education Social Emotional Learning Standards (SEL).  These standards have been developed in accordance with Section 15(a) of Public Act 93-0495.  There is significant evidence that training and gaining expertise in social skills can help individuals overcome problematic behavior.  Thus, the primary goal at Frost Academy is to assist the student in developing emotional wellness and social skills that leads to success in educational, vocational, and interpersonal areas of life.  Therefore, we strive to strengthen positive social skills and improve social behavior by having the students observe interactions modeled properly, hearing it, walking through it, and acting it out in various situations.  In addition, a structured program with clear predictable guidelines and behavioral requirements is essential for student growth and safety.

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Ralph J Frost Academy

StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Beringer, William Teacher Assistant 847-292-6521 
Daviston, Rashard Teacher Assistant 847-292-6521 
Egan, Mark Frost Academy Teacher 847-384-2901 
Flores, Sandy Doctoral School Psychologist Intern 847-292-6521 
Gubbins, Jim District Technology Coordinator, Frost & Admin 847-292-6526 
* Hamilton, Anna Frost Academy Department Chair 847-692-3790 
JOBSKI, KRISTIN Frost Admin. Assistant/Transportation Coordinator 847-292-6521 
KEELEY, BRENDA Certified School Nurse, RN 847-692-8633 
Larsen, Deborah Director of Special Education 847-384-6366 
Meier, Natalie School Psychologist Intern 847-292-6521 
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