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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Improve Learning

Maine Township High School District 207

Statement of Purpose

Together we provide a safe environment and challenging educational experiences for students
to become informed, inquisitive, responsible, creative, and reasoning individuals.

The following goals represent the commitment of District 207 to develop all students to their individual potential.


  • All students will read, write, speak, and listen effectively in English
  • We will prepare all students to be constructive members of a family, the school, the community, the nation, and the world.
  • All students will recognize and be prepared for their responsibilities as stewards of the environment.
  • All students will demonstrate an understanding of and be prepared to apply the important concepts in mathematics, languages, social science, and natural and physical science, the fine and/or applied arts and will recognize their interconnections.
  • All students will demonstrate an understanding of the American heritage and other cultures of the world.
  • All students will develop the habits necessary to conduct research, engage in problem solving, and make informed decisions through experience, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • All students will demonstrate cooperation, respect for themselves and others, commitment to quality performance, and will recognize the value of teamwork and leadership.
  • All students will demonstrate an understanding of the principles and applications of technology.
  • All students will develop the skills of self-direction which they will use to engage in life-long learning, prepare for one or more careers, and pursue physical and emotional well-being.
  • All students will be given the opportunity and be encouraged to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and interscholastic competitions, and community service.

Adopted by the Board of Education

Maine Township High School 1177 Dee Road Park Ridge, IL 60068|District Office: 847.696.3600
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