New Textbook Approval List for 2017-2018

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New Textbook Approval List for 2017-2018
Posted on 04/03/2017
Annually, the Board of Education receives a list of recommendations for textbooks to be added to the approved list of textbooks for Maine Township High School District 207. As professional learning teams, staff members regularly re-evaluate resources based on the curriculum, student learning, and student interest. As teachers make adjustments to their planning based on students’ skills and interests in order to maximize student learning, additional textbooks are, at times, identified to provide improved and ever-more responsive instruction.

With the new fee structure in place, there are no additional costs to students or families. These books will be purchased from existing departmental budgets.

A complete list of titles and rationale for each title is posted here, and all of these titles have already gone through the complete internal suggestion and review process with teachers, department chairs, and district-level administrators.

The Board of Education will take action on this list at the May 2017 Board of Education meeting.
  • Maine North High School
  • Frost Academy