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Welcome to the Alternative Resource Center (ARC)

7800 W. Lyons, Morton Grove, IL 60053
Phone: 847.470.2008
Fax: 847.470.2731

All students referred to the ARC are ED students from District 207 high schools - Maine West, East and South.  The goal of the ARC program is to provide a structured environment with positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior.  There is significant evidence that training and gaining expertise in social skills can help individuals overcome problematic behavior.  Thus, the primary goal of the ARC program is to assist the student in developing positive behavior and social skills that can be used in school, the workplace, and in other areas of human interaction.  Therefore, we strive to strengthen positive social skills and improve faulty social behavior by having the students see interactions done properly, hearing it, walking through it, and acting it out in various situations.  In addition, a structured program with clear guidelines and behavioral requirements is essential for student growth and safety.  The ARC Student Handbook explains what the student must do to be successful in the school program.  It is essential that all students and parents read this document so that program expectations are clearly understood.  Equally important, information in this document will help answer many of the questions you might have regarding grades, attendance, mainstreaming back to your home school, and numerous other issues.

Philosophy of School Discipline

Quality schools are active in their commitment to a philosophy of student discipline that is fair, consistent and effective.  The purpose of these procedures is to promote the development of student citizenship and learning by maintaining a safe and educationally conducive environment for students, faculty and members of the community.  To cultivate such a discipline program in Maine Township, a committee of parents, students, teachers, administrators, and board members developed comprehensive discipline procedures in 1986 that established expectations for student behavior, as well as consequences for misbehavior.  District 207 Discipline Procedures are distributed in booklet form to students and their parents, teachers, department chairs/lead teachers, counselors, deans and others, who then can function as a team to promote a wholesome, safe and secure school environment.

While most students do exercise self-discipline and self-control, occasionally some students violate the rules.  Students, parents and school personnel should take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the regulations of the District 207 Discipline Procedure booklet.  Designed not only to inform and guide, written discipline procedures also promote the idea that students must take responsibility for their own behavior.  Effective discipline is possible only when students, parents and school personnel know, understand and support the school rules and regulations.  Correspondingly, they should also understand and support the consequences of misbehavior.  Only with effective discipline can students have the maximum opportunity to develop emotionally, socially and intellectually.

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StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Beringer, William Teacher Assistant 847-470-2151 
Castelli, Paul ARC Teacher 847-470-2151 
Hanson, Kimberly Admin Asst, ARC / D207 Transportation Coordinator 847-470-2008 
Karlov, Robert ARC Teacher 847-470-2154 
Miller, Jean ARC teacher 847-470-2156 
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